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One of the main frustrations in my job is watching a seller client give away their equity to a buyer because they are unable to complete repairs or improvements that would increase the selling price of their home. It’s always amazing to me what a difference in price a fresh coat of paint, updated fixtures, and (especially!) staging can bring to a home. Not to mention pre-emptive plumbing or electrical improvements that might save thousands in a repair negotiation. Imagine being able to showcase your home in the best possible light to get the best price in the shortest amount of time–with no upfront costs, no interest, and no payments. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Not with Compass Concierge. I’m so excited to have this tool in my pocket for my clients that I want to shout it from the rooftops.

Below are the most often asked questions about the program.

How does it work?

Compass has paired with lenders who use the equity in your home to provide you with an interest-free loan to make improvements to your home. The loan can come in the form of a pre-paid debit card, or we can have each vendor paid individually.

Will this adversely affect my credit?

No. There is a soft pull of your credit score that will not affect your credit--so there’s no cause for concern about this impacting your loan for your move-up house. And if your credit is less than stellar, we can talk about using the equity in your home to get you approved.

What kind of improvements should I make?

I’m in the market every day and know what buyers are looking for. I’ll work with you to determine the best use of your resources to maximize your return. Who manages the project? You can be as involved in the project as you want to be. Some clients want to hand me the keys and let me manage the scheduling, and some like to be more hands-on. My goal is to make the process as easy as possible.

What about vendors? Where do I start?

I’ve been in business for 14+ years and have contacts for every kind of home improvement/repair project you can imagine. My contacts have been referred to me by my clients, or I’ve personally had a great experience with them. You’ll have access to my database, or you can use your own trusted professionals.

Want to know more about Compass Concierge? Give me a call! 619.890.3447

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