Is Autumn a Good Time to Sell My House?

harsh, this still might be the year you discover that your roof wasn’t as tight as you’d hoped. Yards require maintenance. Mortgages and insurances and taxes need paying. And empty properties can be a magnet for mischief. Whatever condition your home is in right now is your bird in the hand; it’s up to you whether you want to gamble that on whatever next year might bring to the bush.

That said, in every season, a seller should position and market each property suitably so it resonates with the buyers who might love it. Fix it up, make it pretty, stage it appropriately, and distribute excellent marketing materials — your attention to detail will be rewarded. Check out my website for tips on preparing your home for a successful sale, and of course contact me if you’d like my help with the listing.

Thanks for the great question, Surfer Girl! To sum up, the best time to sell a house in San Diego is when you’re ready to sell the house. Next spring when your beach house has benefited from your foresight in funding those renovations, recalling this decision will be your favorite hindsight in 2020.

Thinking about selling or buying a home, or have any other real estate questions? I love your letters (and emails and calls) — get in touch so I can answer yours!

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