Meet Your Neighbors: Mr. Breakfast

KH: Mr. Breakfast, thanks very much for taking the time to talk to me today.

B: Kim, it’s an honor to be featured in North Bark News, and perfect timing. I was just at West Coast Tavern, so I’m super chatty.

KH: Oh, well that worked out. What do you like most about North Park?

B: Well, obviously I enjoy places like Dexter’s Deli and Original Paw Pleasers for all the latest fashions and gourmet snacks. Good places to get friendly with my fellow canine neighbors...especially those of the female type. Truthfully, I just love that so many bars and restaurants allow dogs on the patio. We enjoy a good time too, ya know?

KH: What are some of your favorites?

B: Of course I love Breakfast Republic, for obvious reasons — get it? Mr. Breakfast? And Underbelly is one of my favorite places, both to hang out and to be scratched. Lots of places to choose from, when I’m not surfing.

KH: Mr. Breakfast, you surf? But you’re a dog!

B: I am a dog, yes. But learning to surf has been the most fun I’ve ever had, and finding my trust in Ma to guide me without being able to hear her has brought us closer together than I ever thought possible.

kim haw.jpg

KH: That’s beautiful. But surely shredding those waves must make you a little nervous.

B: A little at first, but my confidence has skyrocketed since I started, and now I can’t wait to get on the water. I have a whole new leash on life! I hope that one day dog surfing will be an Olympic event, but that may be just a scratch beyond my years.

KH: Wowee, Mr. Breakfast! I’ll bet you look pretty cool out there!

B: That’s an understatement, girl. You can watch my video collaboration with The Dodo right now on YouTube, and also follow my Instagram page, @Mr.Breakfast, where I share all of my wacky adventures to all kinds of dog-friendly places around North Park and beyond! And a little bit of dating advice for my homies out there.

KH: I watched that video. It sounds like you’ve had something of a difficult past.

B: Yeah, my life before Ma was ruff. I don’t want to get into details, but I thank “Dog” every day that I was saved by Wagging Dog Rescue. In fact, I wanna let North Bark News readers know that we’re having a fundraiser at West Coast Tavern on August 24, from 12–3pm. I’ll be there! We’re sponsored by Fido’s Vodka —oops, I mean Tito’s Vodka — so it promises to be a great time for a great cause.

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