Taste of North Park

It’s time again for one of my favorite local events! Taste of North Park returns October 12, offering tantalizing tidbits from 45 restaurants and 15+ craft brews right here in our fair neighborhood.


I look forward to this food-lover’s dream every year, as both a snapshot of San Diego’s culinary evolution (a tasty, tasty snapshot) and a chance to see my community out and about. In both cases, I know I’ll always bump into old favorites and discover something (or someone) new and wonderful.

Take a roll call of your favorite foodie friends and make sure you’ve all got tickets in advance (the event caps ticket sales to assure quality, and it sells out every year). Then get together with the vendor list and do a little light planning so you’ll all get to try the things you most want, leaving time in between to discover the unexpected.

As the foodie scene has evolved, so has the self-guided tour, which now includes brewery tastings hosted inside area businesses that residents might not normally have the chance to see.

Tip: Map out your food tour alongside the event’s mural tour to plan for some eye candy and the chance to learn more about our area’s artists. Because the Saturday event runs from 11am to 3pm, it seems fated to turn into a rollicking brunch crawl, but don’t surrender to the siren call of bottomless mimosas — at least, not until after you’ve gotten the most out of your tasting opportunities.

Over the years, Taste of North Park has only gotten more and more fun. It thrills me to see how this fun event brings our community together and celebrates our growing reputation as a food destination, which is why I’m such an enthusiastic sponsor. If you see me out and about during the event, please catch me to say hello!

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